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Working with the Princes Trust has been instrumental in helping my business be a success.  Success is of course relative, I am so proud to be able to grow this business and do something I love. This for me is a success, growth at any rate! Weaving is incredible and it makes me so happy being able to share and promote such a wonderful traditional craft. I have met so many wonderful people along the way. My mentor Cathy is incredible, I could not put into words how invaluable her tutelage has been.

It is always best to pop over to Mays Wonderfully Woven Instagram . Here will feature the most up - to - date collections of my work alongside new products as they feature on the market. You will also be able to see more behind the scenes of Mays. I use Mays social media to document and showcase the process of Weaving on the traditional Floor Loom and the actual product manufacturing on the machine. This is where I showcase all of incredible parts of Weaving cloth, from start to finish, see Process.



There is a wonderful variety different types of products available online and at the market. These products are available in various fabrics, materials and sizes. The standard list of products include; Hand-covered Buttons, Brooches, Pin cushions, Tissue Pockets, Coin Purses, Woven Baskets, Box Pouches, Flat Pouches, Seasonal Products, Table Runners, Scatter Cushions, Bags, Lampshades*, Scarves, Wraps, Blankets and Throws.


The featured and festive products will consist of new products still in the testing phase, these are products that require a little more feedback. These products are often the ones that are more time-intensive to construct and require more practice to become efficient and speedy with sewing. Even though I have been sewing on a machine since I was 9, it still takes a little practice!

The no-waste products consist of pieces specifically designed to reduce and re-use waste. These products are created using waste woven and lining fabrics, warp - waste, selvedge and all the trimmings. Therefore maximising on the high quality woven material, helping to ensure Mays is a minimum waste small business. These products take the form of Covered Buttons, Brooches, Pin Cushions, Bookmarks, Brooches, Garlands, Cushions and Rag Rugs. Every single piece of fabric and yarn is saved, even the small scraps and cuttings are used to fill out the Pin Cushions and keep them plump. Everything has a purpose and nothing is wasted if I can help it!

*only available at Ely Market*


Each and every product is hand-woven on my traditional Floor wooden Loom or the Harris Table Loom, then hand-sewn in small batches on my machine, in my sunny little studio in Cambridgeshire


Each piece in the shop or on sale at the market is hand - sewn using vintage, re-purposed, end of line and retro fabrics alongside my bespoke hand - woven cloth.  Each piece of my Woven fabric is meticulously colour matched with printed, corduroy or velvet backing and  linings fabrics, alongside various metal or nylon zippers and colour co-ordinating Cotton threads. Each product is sewn to be different, no two products will ever be the same. They are Woven as bespoke fabrics, these pieces are made to loved, gifted and appreciated. They are made with care and purpose as an extension of my practice, to make Weaving and Woven goods more accessible.

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