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WORKSHOP testimonials

Emily, norwich | full day workshop

I had an absolutely wonderful day Weaving with Rosie-may. It was such a fun day in a very relaxed and calm environment. The studio is very colourful and cosy, the perfect size for one to one.

Weaving is such an incredible and technical process, it really does make you appreciate the value of her work and products!  Rosie goes into great detail and really explains the whole process and how the loom works. So you can better understanding how weaving actually works. 

Brilliant day, so incredibly interesting. Would 100% recommend for crafters and non crafters alike!


Catherine, Cambridgeshire | half- day workshop

Weaving is such a mechanical process, but Rosie-may broke it down into bite size pieces and really went into detail about the Weaving Loom machine. She explained all of the different parts of the Table Loom and all of the mechanics. How to raise and lower the Shafts (metal bars) etc.

It is very understandable once you have the foundation knowledge and follow the sequence. It is all about rhythm and following the patterns. All the information is there and clearly labelled, it is just a case of being able to follow it. Then you just get to have fun and go crazy!

Rosie-may explained it wonderfully, she made it sounds so interesting. Clearly very passionate and works to ensure you understand.

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ALICE, Cambridgeshire | FULL day workshop

I have never done any sort of sewing or Weaving before, so I was a little nervous. I really read through the Starter Pack Rosie-may sent through before the session. It had so much great info to get me ready, lots of links, videos and books you could look into if you wanted to. Rosie-may of course made me feel welcome and calm straight away, quelled any nerves.

I could remember some of the terms from reading the pack, so when Rosie-may was talking through the loom and explaining how it works, I sort of picked it up quicker.

The day is very easy to follow, every step builds on the one before. I obviously had a lot of questions, Rosie answered all of them. It was also interesting to learn more about how she started weaving! Really interesting day, brilliant session. Thank-you Rosie!

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