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Beautiful bespoke Woolen Hand Woven one-off Wrap Scarf inspired by the works of Alan Turning and his wonderful machine. Woven in traditional Herringbone design, with a twist. Hidden within the scarf are a series of Reflective Glass beaded ends that will catch the light and add a beautiful, but subtle shine and Hand-twisted fringe.



95% Swadale, Shetland and Lambs Wool

5% Glass Nylon Bead


Yarn Source-

Uppingham Yarns, Oakham LE15 9QL.



Width- 50 cm

Length- 130 cm approx

Hand-woven Christopher Scarf

Out of Stock
  • Christopher, my most recent collection, is inspired by Alan Turnings wonderful Invention that turned the tide of the war in 1936, hidden away in the Bletchley Radio Factory, Northamptonshire. Christopher explores the colours and textures found within Turing's machine, focusing on repeated motifs like the drums and small units replicated across the width, much like the infinite variations the machine switched through. Each piece of cloth is comprised of a series of materials running through both the warp and weft. This collection working heavily with wools, including Shetland, a beautifully soft and delicate Angora, Swadale, English and a delicate Lambswool. These yarns are then combined with a series of feature yarns to brighten or lighten the cloth, here we have a sumptuous Silver Bamboo, hand-painted cotton and reflective Glass beaded Nylon yarn. 

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