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Beautiful bespoke Cotton and Angora Hand Woven one-off Wrap Scarf inspired by all things eighties; the graphic geometric designs and neon bright. This scarf has an additional feminine touch using the floral Treillis Woven design, with the softness of the Angora and Cotton yarns running through the Weave. Woven with an Overshot Weave Pattern, known as Trellis. Finished with simple sewn edge, leaving a natural fringe exposing the beautiful bright neon pink Cotton warp.


Holly-anne wears the scarf either across her shoulders and leaves it to fall at the front over her jumper or coats. Alternatively, this piece can be wrapped around the neck and laid over the shoulder for a more snug and cosy look. Please refer to dimensions for suitability.


Features hand-stitched Mays label in corner, carefully sewn just encase you wish to remove it.



60% Cotton

40% Angora


Yarn Source-

Uppingham Yarns, Oakham LE15 9QL.



Width- 34 cm

Length- 121 cm

Hand-woven Eighties Trellis Scarf

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  • The Born in the 80s collection was a really playful exploration of colour working with classic Weave structures. This collection explored how you can work with just two colours and create some really strong and powerful Woven fabrics. These were designed and Woven looking at power dressing from the 80s and 90s, super suits, seriously padded shoulders, fabulous co-ords and all the big hair that came with it. Focusing on icons like Madonna and Karyn Parsons.

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