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A wonderful, very handy super large Basket, hand-made with quirky hand-woven fabric.


A beautiful Woven one - off, lined Basket inspired by the layers and layers of compact sediment that are worn away from the faces of cliffs. This Woven fabric consists of the Plain and Ripsmatta Weave patterns. The basket is paired with a heavy slate backing fabric and grey lining fabric, see pictures for more detail. With the additional height the basket lip can be turned over to highlight lining fabric, this is dependent on your intended look.


Made to fit all of your goodies inside, from pots to pom-poms, balls of yarn for your crochet / knitting and of course our plant friends too! A perfectly wide, soft fabric storage Basket, making a lovely alterative to hard plastic baskets.


No two pieces will ever be made the same. Each piece is constructed by hand-picking each element, using genuine vintage and retro fabrics and threads.


Hand-Woven Fabric Yarn Content;

30% Cotton

30% Bamboo

20% Hemp

10% Raphia

10% Gimp Yarn


Yarn Source-

Uppingham Yarns, Oakham LE15 9QL.



Large Woven Basket

Width - 27 cm

Height - 16 cm

Depth - 12 cm


These dimensions are approximate, slight variations may occur depending on the hand-woven fabric.


Hand-woven Grey Large Basket

  • The Shades of Grey Collection is not as exciting as it sounds unfortunately. This collection explores a series of tones from white to grey to black. The variety of yarns throughout the warp make for an interesting change of colour, texture and direction across each of the fabrics. These changes in yarn reflect the layers and layers of compact sediment that are worn away from the faces of cliffs, forming caves and great big chasms along the shoreline. This varying densities come from, Manilla Hemp, Bamboo, Raphia, Cotton, Viscose, Boucle and Fancy yarns. 

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