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A wonderful, very jazzy framed Artwork.


A beautiful Woven one - off Artwork, made using woven fabric inspired by the a traditional pointed star motif. This Woven fabric consists a repeated Overshot Star like design. The fabric appears raised, simialr to a Double cloth, as the wool has shrunk right down bringing the Cotton together making a very dense and seemily graphic design.


A perfect boxy and lovely square frame in white. These frames can stand alone on the shelf or can be displayed hung on the wall. These frames are put togethet to celebrate some of the best and most exciting woven fabrics I have made throughout the years. They focus on some of the most detailed apsects of the woven fabrics. Cloth that is so detailed in fact, it becomes more of an Artwork.


Hand-Woven Fabric Yarn Content;

60% Hand-dyed Wool

40% Cotton


Yarn Source-

Uppingham Yarns, Oakham LE15 9QL.

Fairfeild Yarns, Rochdale, Heywood OL10 1QU



Width - 10 cm

Depth - 3.5 cm

Height 11 cm

Hand-woven Grey Overshot Framed Artwork

  • Although I strive for perfection in each and every piece, each piece is made and finished by my very own hands, as such slight irregularities may be present. These will be identified within the images. These pieces are not made in a factory or mill, they are hand-woven and hand-crafted in a very yellow little studio in Cambridgeshire. 


    Alas nobody's perfect! 

    That said, if for any valid reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me directly via email to arrange a return and subsequent refund with 

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