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Beautiful bespoke 100% Woollen Hand - Woven one - off Scarf inspired by fields of lavender and thistle. The traditional Herringbone brings a classic elegance to this collection. A limited edition, one of a set of four. Woven with an array of beautiful bands running from top to bottom of this wonderful scarf.


There is an incredible amount of detail and variety of colour within this weave. See social media for the full story behind the collection. A very beautiful, weighted scarf with a hand - twisted fringe and raw edge for added detail. This scarf features slightly more features more purple, pink and magenta tones overall, comapred to number two which features more green and ecru tones.



95% Shetland Wool

5% Swadale / English Wool


Yarn Source-

Uppingham Yarns, Oakham LE15 9QL.



Width- 31 cm

Length- 284 cm

These dimensions do not include the length of the hand-twisted fringe.


Hand-woven Lavender Thistle Scarf 1

  • The Sandringham Lavender Collection is inspired by the beautiful fields of lavender growing across Norfolk. For this project I explored the depth of colour found within these plants, the tonal variation and patterns within the fields. I then combined this with the classic and timeless Herringbone weave pattern for a beautiful collection of pieces.


    This project works with a variety of different Wools including Shetland and Swadale and English wool. This beautiful fabric experiments with a series of different bands running from top to bottom, working with different weights and densities of colour.

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