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A lovely wonderfully Hand Woven one-off Shawl Wrap inspired by the sunny and uplifting colours of the rainbow. Woven as a part of a very playful, densely graphic patterned collection, see Rainbow collection in gallery for more detail. This collection builds on previous projects such as the Joy and Autumn Retro fabrics. This singular Woven fabric consists of classic Plain and Repp Weave patterns. Woven as a much wider and longer piece, intended to wrap and comfort the wearer. Finished with long hand-twisted fringe, spinning all of those bright colour bands together and finished with a knot.


This piece can be worn either across the shoulders and left to fall and gather at the front over jumpers or coats. Alternatively, the piece can be wrapped around the neck or laid over the shoulder for a more snug and cosy look, keeping your face toasty and warm. This cloth can also be used a throw to lay over ones bed spread or draped over the settee, adding a pop of colour as displayed in the visuals above. The weight and drape of the cloth lends itself to both purposes. Please refer to dimensions for suitability as both a Wrap and Throw.


Features hand-stitched Mays label in corner, carefully sewn just encase you wish to remove it.



10% Lambswool

20% Harris Tweed Wool

30% Swadale / English Wool

40 % Shetland Wool


Yarn Source-

Uppingham Yarns, Oakham LE15 9QL.



Width- 50 cm

Legnth- 210 cm approx

Hand-woven Rainbow Repp Wrap / Throw

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  • The Rainbow Collection is a playful, densely graphic patterned collection, with a touch of sunshine and rainbows thrown in there for good measure. It is a beautiful collection of Woollen Wraps, Runners and fabrics for new feature products at the market. Featuring a lustrous Lambswool, a texture Swadale, Shetland and the infamous Harris Tweed Yarn. The colours are warm and bright with a real collection of tones spun into every fibre, giving the scarves a real depth in terms design. The rainbow works with darker more earthier tones, for a more subtle rainbow appearance. 

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